Copyright & Trademark Policy

Understanding Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the term given to creative outputs, like designs, stories, images, inventions, or symbols, regardless of whether they’re physical or conceptual. It typically belongs to the individual who created it, someone who has bought the rights from the creator, or a registered trademark holder.

Protection for intellectual property varies globally and may encompass copyrights, trademarks, registered designs, and patents, among others. Copyright safeguards original creative works such as writing, illustrations, software, music, and more. Trademarks, on the other hand, secure the distinctive facets of a brand, including names, logos, sounds, and even colors.

Notifying Us of Copyright Violations

Should you encounter content in our store that you believe unlawfully uses your copyrighted material, we encourage you to inform us by sending a copyright infringement notice through the contact page.

Include the following in your notice:

  • Your contact details: full name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Specific links to the allegedly infringing content on Alaigo, detailing each item.
  • Identification of your copyrighted work with direct links and any relevant documentation like copyright or trademark registrations and licensing agreements.
  • Statements affirming your belief that:
    • The material is used without legal permission,
    • Your claim on the accuracy of your provided information,
    • Your authority to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.
  • Your signature, whether physical or digital.

Reporting Trademark Infringements

If you believe that our store’s content infringes on your registered trademark, please alert us by providing a trademark infringement notice through the contact page.

Your notice needs to contain:

  • The trademark owner’s identification.
  • Your contact information: full name, address, phone number, and email.
  • For each trademark claim: a detailed description, registration countries, the registration number, the categories of covered products/services, and specific links to the contested content on Alaigo.
  • Statements asserting your belief that the content is being used unlawfully, the accuracy of your claims, and your position to act on the trademark owner’s behalf.
  • Your signature, physical or digital.

Our Protocol for Handling Complaints

Upon receiving your complaint, we’ll examine it and may request additional information to ensure a thorough review. If we find the complaint valid, the offending content or product will be removed from our store in adherence to intellectual property laws. We’re committed to addressing these matters swiftly and ensuring our offerings respect legal rights.